8 Bottle cap craft

You can do a lots of things with bottle cup. You can collect or craft with it. There are plenty of bottle-cap-craft . Look here  some of these!

7 Boat in bottle

Do you know how a ship in bootle is made? Look that, and make it yourself!

7 Craft envelope

Lovely, cute, adorable, gorgeous, practical … Choose one and make an envelope!

12 Cork crafts

Would you like to recycle wine corks? We colllected a lot of ideas to what to do with corks. 

8 Organza favor bags

The organza bags are praktical little thigs, what we can use for storeing earrings, favoring lavenders or camilles. We can make our favor bags easily.

8 Craft pom poms

Pom poms are very funny. You can make them easily! Make pom poms with children!

11 Acorn craft

We show you crafts ideas for acorns. What can you do with acorns? Read the article and you will know it!

8 Hair brooch

If you like the hairbands, rubber rings, you may like the hair brooches. Never think about it’s hard to prepare your own individual brooches. Let’s see some!

10 Felt Slippers

Instead of boring home slippers here is the colorful felt slipper! Individul both in the shape and both in the colours. Be for everyone in the family a felt slipper which expressing their individuality. Do it yourself or buy it!

15 Leather bracelets for women

Would you like to give simple but attractive gifts to your loved ones? Then we’ll show you how to make a leather bracelet for ladies. You can use it as a gift for Women’s Day, Mothers’ Day, Valentine’s Day, a birthday, a name day, for Christmas or you can make it for yourself, if you want a special piece of accessory. You will surely find something here that fits your or your loved one’s style!.

8 Butterfly brooches

The prettiest bug ever after is the butterfly, I think. So let’s see how can we wear it as a brooch. 

13 Button crafts

In this article we will show you how to make gifts and home decoration items from buttons. We gathered some pieces that are easy and fast to make, so those who have never tried anything like this can also make them. But the experienced readers can also find their favorite pieces. Attaching the buttons we can use glue, thread or a piece of wire.

12 Light bulb crafts

You can recycle light bulbs and make fantastic crafts about it! Vase, terrarium, hot air balloon …

8 Felt Hearts

Make felt hearts for Mothers’ Day, Valentine’s Day, Children’s Day, for a birthday, anniversary and so on. We gathered some easy tutorials and cheap homemade heart ideas for you!

Large wooden letters

Besides being very nice and stylish, the huge letters have a very special meaning for their owners. We can spell the name of an event that’s important for us, but we can also use the huge letters to create names of cities or the words XOXO or LOVE and so on. We show you below how you can make these decorative huge letters at home.

Paper craft ideas

One of my favourite material is paper as it comes in the most various colours, patterns, shapes, forms and thickness. Here are some ideas how to use paper creatively.

Wood craft ideas

If you need for your craft work a material that you can find anywhere, then you definitely need wood. Choose from the ideas below and all you have to do is to collect some tree branches, twigs and sticks in your garden, at the park or forest.

How to make giant letters

1. Huge Letters from Rope This is a fantastic idea indeed! And what’s even better is that you don’t need anything else but a rope and glue. http://lovegrowswild.com/2013/08/how-to-make-rope-letters/ 2. Huge 3D Letters Made of Plaster This is a non-traditional way to...

Farmhouse decor

The main features of country style are comfort, simplicity, handmade goodies, floral accessories and closeness to nature. Here are some tips how to spice up your home.

Tissue paper crafts

Paper is excellent decorating material. You can fold, glue, colour and tie paper and create a huge amount of forms and shapes. If you want to spice up your apartment or your garden and not only for some special occasions, check out following tutorials.

Wall decoration ideas

Wall decoration tutorials in many different styles, from vintage up to modern. You can use these ideas as well for kids’ room as for your office as well, they are appropriate for any room! These decorations are really easy to make, there are only a few that are a bit more complicated.

Modern wall decor

In ancient, old times, frescoes and expensive paintings were used to decorate walls. Today, this has changed! Decorate your wall according your own style, use things and decoration you like! Here are a few examples for inspiration. Do you collect something? Show it off!

Rustic wall decor

Here you find tutorials for decorations you can use all over your home. They can be quickly done as they are really easy, no special skills are needed.

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