1. A collection of teaspoons from all over the world

A U.S. map outline serves as a backboard, that gives an extra twist to the whole!


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2. Make some beautiful African headdresses

This DIY wall-art was inspired by the African juju hat.

african juju


3. Decorate your walls with eye-shades

Make several magnet boards which you can use for various things. You not only make an eye- catching wall-decoration but also solve the problem of organizing and storage.

makeup magnet board


4. Macramé as wall decor

Make a macramé using yarn. You can even use some different colours and colour your macramé. It’s will be surely very eye-catching. How to make macramé:



5. Wood round wall – decoration

This decoration is very eye-catching and all you need is wood rounds.



6. Romantik letter-ornament made of silk flowers.

This wall-deco made of silk flowers is really unique and showy and the best thing is, you can easily make it yourself as well.

flower letter


7. Giant letters

Use giant letters to decorate your walls! The letters may remind you of some important event or can be your initials. Here is a tutorial for a DIY giant wood-letter deco.

pallet wood letter


8. Wooden world map

This is a very good task for men. It will be a stunning decoration of your rustic or country-style home.

wood map


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