1. Supplies for farmhouse style

If you want to create a farmhouse style home, all you need is handmade products. Use colourful, lace-work, wooden or metal accessories and your new, cosy, country-style home is guaranteed.



2. Dutch barn door tutorial

If you want real, authentic farmhouse style in your apartment or house, you must pay attention to every single detail, such as the doors. Check out this tutorial if you want new country-style barn doors:

Barn Door


3. DIY farm style curtains

Let’s create new curtain rails and make your apartment unique. If you want to create farmhouse style, remember to use simple, natural colours as they will give a feeling of simplicity and comfort.


Website: >>

4. Plates on wall

In rural homes you can find beautiful plates as wall decoration. Here are a few ideas for how to organize the plates on walls in different ways.



5. Farmhouse table

Let’s remodel your dining-table! Following article gives you a step by step tutorial and lists all necessary utensils you will need.



6. Western style

You can find many ideas on the following blog about how to create a country-style home. You may use as many roosters, horses and stars as you want, you just need to find the appropriate places as well.



7. Farmhouse kitchen tips

Kitchen make-over ideas. For us women a kitchen must be convenient, practical and tidy as well.

Kitchen Makeover


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