1. Rustic wall decor with piece of wood

Rustic wall piece for flowers made of wood and some mason jars.


2. Shelf with simulated rope

An easy to make DIY shelf. The rope is only for decoration has no holding function.


3. Christmas tree wall decor of Brass washers

Christmas tree wall decoration. Use a piece of wood, cover it with some felt and just glue washers to it. Done!


4. Yarm wrapped round mirror – tutorial

A quick and easy decoration. You can even hang more mirrors on your wall as well.


5. Rustic snowflake tutorial

A tutorial for rustic snowflakes. They are very showy and easy to make.


6. Old shutter wall ideas

We can even use shutters as decoration. Use more colours and they will be really eye-catching. Intermediate level.


7. Coffe stirrer picture – DIY

Use coffee stirrers or little wooden sticks for this. They can be the same size, then it’s easier to make. Colour them and glue them into a frame. Done!


8. Distressed sign into kitchen

Tutorial for letter decorations.


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