Build a ship in bootle!

There are 14 steps to help you how to make ship in bottle. It will be a big ship!

big ship

Little boat in bottle

Simple small ship with graphic guide. Let’s do it!


How to make a ship in bottle

This is a video about how to put a ship in a bottle. Watch this!

video ship

Ship model in bottle

18 steps and you are ready! Look the illustrations, and make it!


Boat in bottle

See the video how to make boat in bottle! It shows you some of the key techniques of how to make a ship in a bottle.


How to recycle an old light bulb into a ship in bottle

A small ship in the light bulb. So cute 🙂



Beginner’s Guide to Building Ships in Bottles – book

It’s a book about how to make ships in bottles, which you can by in amazon.


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