How to make mini pom poms

Easy way to make mini pom poms. Watch the tutorial and do it!


Big pom pom tutorial

Put this big pom pom to the top of your winter crochet cap. Only 10 steps and you are ready!

big pompom

Pom Pom balloon

Little pom poms at the ballon! Did you know, that if you use hot glue, the balloon isn’t popping? Try it!

pompom balloon

 Pom pom scarf

So adorable! Pom pom scarf. Red-white-pink for girls, blue-black-green for boys.

pom pom scarf

Pom pom rug tutorial

Soft and tender for your feet. Everybody will envy for you, if you make it!

po pom rug

Pom pom wreath

DIY pom pom wreath. It’s colorful and funny. It looks good in the children’s room.

pom pom wreath

Pom pom garland

A very cute idea. It takes only a few minutes, and it costs almost zero. A very imaginative decoration in the room.

pom pom garland

Tulle pom pom

Hang tulle pom poms in your windows. It’s very charming.

tull pom pom

First  Photo: Flickr – Mr Michael Phams CC license

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