Wine cork stamp

Maybe it’s the easiest way to use up wine corks. Cork stamps! You can make a lot of shape, not only heart.


Big homemade ombre cork heart

It’s a beautiful decoration in the house. And it’s made of wine corks. If you like it, make it at home!


Glass charms made from corks

In wine glass looks good charms, made from corks. The guests will definitely like it!


DIY cork wreath

What an amazing wreath! Isn’t it? If you want a wreath like that, make one!


How to make wine cork tacks

A very good reuse idea for cork craft. They are so cute.


Wine cork table in the bar

This table is made of a dresser. It’s an amazing transformation!


Make wine cork sculpture!

It’s one of my favourite wine cork recycling. Try it if you like!


Your initails made from corks

Would you like to do a very cool thing? Make your initails from corks!


Cork recycling – trivet

Way to recycle in style. Use the surplus corks to make this!


Cork art

This picture is a very good ornament in the bedroom, or in the livingroom. The frame is made if corks.


DIY Cork garland

A quick idea for corks. Make a garland. Birthdays, partys … you can use it for decor or at events.


Cheese knife tutorial from wine corks

Exchange the cheese knifes original grips, and make cork grips!


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