The cutest envelopes

Make adorable envelopes! They are so cute and easy! You don’t have to buy it expensive in the shop, you can do it at home!


Lovely envelopes with dots

Easy and lovely. You can download the dots and doilies templates and do it!


DIY envelopes

Did you like these envelopes? It’s a cute and individual craft. There are a lot of variations in colour and pattern.


Dear Santa – envelope for Christmas

If your kid had written a letter for Santa, make for him/her an envelope!


Paper envelopes from heart

Watch the video and make these envelopes! It isn’t hard. Try to make them!

Emery board holder – practical envelope

It can be a practical gift. You can store in that emery boards.


How to make patterned envelope

Very easy way to make an envelope. It’s very good next to birthday presents.

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