Home made box

If you want to bake some tiny little cookies for wedding guests you need a box where you can pack them. Lets look how does it work–>

home made wedding favor box

DIY a lavender potpourri

A very fragrant little suprise what you can easy create for. See how–> 

lavender potpouri

How to make chocolate with spoon

The wedding guests love those kind of gifts what they can eat. Try the chocolate with spoon for a hotchocolate.The recipe–>


Home made coconut truffels

Do you like the chocolate, or your wedding will be white? These bon-bons are the perfect wedding favours for you. See how it goes–>


Handwritten plates tutorial

If you imagine a little intimate wedding you can give this kind of gift. It’s easy, and an ever lasting vestige from your big day. The procession–>

drawed plates 

How to make a red vine lollipop

This is a not ordinary wedding favour but I think it’s very exciting, and tasty.

Lets see how can you make it–>

red vine lollypop

Wedding programme fan tutorial

The summer outdoor weddings are usually hot so you may give some practical gifts like fans with the wedding programmes. Clik to see the tutorial–>


Diy confetti cones

The funny gifts are the best ideas if you are a young couple. The confetty cones are can be used after the ceremonie. See how does it work–>


Custom ring place toutorial

This is a little memory gift from the wedding. You will enjoy the baking. Let’s see how it goes–>

ring place 

Home made birdseed wedding favour

Do you want to give a cheap not ordinery gift? You will love the harts from birdseed, what the guest can be used in their gardens. Click for the ingreedients–>


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