DIY popsicle stick crafts – ladybird and owl

You can make ladybird or owl made from popsicle sticks. You can use them as holders.


Homemade bird feeder tutorial

If you like to feed little birds, make a homemade bird feeder. It’s made of popsicle sticks.


Chain reaction with popsicle sticks

Would you like to see a chain reaction? Build a chain from popsicle sticks.


Farm animals – Popsicle craft idea

Cow, horse, pig, cat, chicken … a whole farm. Make your own animals!


How to make a popsicle stick tower

Build the highest tower! You need only sticks and glue.


How to make craft stick pencil holder

It’s simple to make a pencil holder. Do it yourself!


DIY fantail with popsicle sticks

If it’s so hot, make little fantails. It will makes for you a little wind.


Doll factory – how to make dolls from sticks!

Make sticks dolls, to your daughter, little sister … Easy to make it, and she will be so happy!


How to make popsicle bracelet

I think it’s a super idea! You can make bracelets with popslice sticks!


Homemade puzzle tutorial

Using a photo and some sticks, you can make a homemade puzzle. It’s funny.


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