DIY Light bulb hot air balloon

Did you know, that you can make little hot air balloon made from recycled light bulb? Try to do it!

hot air balloon craft light bulb diy

How to make concrete hooks

It looks good! Concrete hooks made from light bulbs.


Recycled light bulb – Make a terrarium!

Do you like this little terrarium? Make one using light bulb.


Light bulb craft – pear

These pears could be amazing decorations in your house. They are made of light bulb!


DIY light bulb origami garland

Wow! I love this idea! You can make it easy. Just follow the instructions in the tutorial!

origami light bulb garland

Make oil lamp using light bulb

5 steps and you have an oil lamp. it looks nice, and you can make it at home.

oil lamp light bulb craft

Homemade vase made from light bulb

Make a beautiful light bulb vase and put in it beautiful flowers.


3 in 1

You can read here about three crafts made from light bulb:

1. How to make Lightbulb centerpiece

Lightbulb centerpiece is a very good decoration on the table.

centerpiece light bulb

2. DIY lightbulb necklace

Using little lightbulbs you can make neclace for yourself!

necklace light bulb craft diy

3. Light bulbs into artichokes

Do you like artichokes? Now you can make them made from lightbulbs. (Do not eat. :))


How to handpaint a lightbulb – video

Watch the video and make colorful lightbulbs! Be careful!

Ship in bottle – ship in lightbulb

Make a homemade ship in bottle. It’s very cool!


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