Homemade felt hearts

Heart barrettes

Check the tutorial of this sweet, tiny heart barrette! It’s easy and spectacular. Here is the tutorial–>

Heart barette

Pencil topper tutorial

Make a unique pencil topper for yourself or for your friends! Pick a colorful felt, and let’s start! See the tutorial–>

Pencil topper

Felt hearted scarf

In winter your children will surely love this scarf. You have nothing else to do but sewing the cut hearts on the original scarf. Do it yourself now–>


DIY heart garland

If you want to decorate your baby’s or your teen kid’s room, this garland will surely do! It’s great for a girls’ party, too. The easy tutorial is there–>

Heart garland

Felt heart decoration

Decorate your house with lovely felt hearts. They are easy and fast to make. Click for the step by step instructions–>


DIY heart headband

For small and older kids, for mothers and their daughters. Let’s make a headband of felt hearts! The tutorial is there–>


Purchasable felt hearts

Glowes with felt hearts

It’s a very girly accessory, which has a cherry felt heart on. See more picture–>


 Felt Heart Paper Clip Magnets

If you want to make your office friendlier, you will love these things. See the magnets and bookmarks–>


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