1. Box braid necklace tutorial

If you’d like to make a necklace, you can decorate it with small coasters. This piece of jewelry was made with pinning, which is a very decorative stitching method.

braid necklace


2. Homemade Swarovski pearl bracelet

If you give this one as a gift to your friend, it will be their favorite piece of accessory for sure. It’s stylish and can be worn for any occasion. It’s very easy to make.

DIY bracelet


3. Charm leather bracelet tutorial

It’s an easy-to-make bracelet, which you can make using any colors, applying any kind of decorations to the middle. It’s a very simple piece.



4. Braided leather – How to make tutorial


5. Pendant – personalised woman leather bracelet tutorial

Your favorite bead or pendant will make this bracelet special. It’s an easy way to get multiple bracelets, since you only have to create one, and change the ornament from time to time.

how to make leather bracelet


6. Beaded leather bracelet – DIY

What makes this bracelet great is that you don’t have to use any clasps. You only make a knot, and the bracelet is ready, which you can decorate with beads to make it fit your style.



7. Cute leather bracelet for women – Do It Yourself

Do you like flowers and rhinestones? If you’d like to know how to dress up your simple leather bracelet, you can get some tips here.



8. Blue leather bracelet – craft ideas

If you’ve always been into nautical stuff, this is a bracelet for you! We show you how you can make it yourself. Others will also like your accessories for sure. You can wear the 3 bracelets at the same time or pick one at a time.

cord bracelet


9. How to make easy leather bracelet

You can learn from this article how to make a 6-piece braid from leather stripes. The outcome will look like herringbone pattern. It’s worth to try it, since the outcome is spectacular.



10. Leather + chain bracelet tutorial

Here you can surely find your favorite bracelet, since we show you a lot of different ones. If you’d like to make either a set or a single piece, we teach you how to do it the easiest way.



11. Golden bead combined leather bracelet – DIY

If you like pastel colors, here you can learn how to combine them with golden beads. You can make a beautiful gift easily. Its pale colors don’t take the attention off from the special technique.

free tutorial


12. Beautiful leather bracelet tutorial

Here you can learn how to make macramé using leather. You can place the beads wherever you want. You can put them at the sides, in the middle or both.



13. DIY simple leather bracelet

You can make this bracelet by weaving 3 strands together. You can choose what colors to use, since all of them will be visible. It’s an excellent gift for your mom or your girlfriend.



14. How to make Bracelet made from Leather Cords

Here you can learn how to put patterns into your bracelet using tiny rubber bands. It’s a stylish and flashy piece of accessory, which you can wear for any occasion.

silicone stop


15.Quick and easy leather bracelet

You only need one rivet to close this bracelet. If you choose a piece of soft leather, your bracelet will be very comfortable.

quick and easy bracelet


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