1. Rudolph reindeer lollypop craft

rudolph reindeer lollipop paper craft idea

This is a cute, and easy christmas craft,and it can make a funny gift, from a boring lollipop.


2. Butterfly lollipop craft idea

butterfly lollipop craft idea

This lollipop craft is an ideal valentine’s day gift. Everyone can make it, and it is cheap too.


3. Photo card with lollipop or pencil, pen – gift idea

photo card lollipop gift

Haha! Everyone will love this really funny and creative post card. Use lollipop, pen or pencil, to make a photo card.


4. Ladybird lollipop paper craft

ladybird lollipop paper craft idea

Easy ladybird paper lollipo carft for kids.


5. Superhero lollipop with template

superhero lollipop gift paper craft for kids

Make this lollipop craft for a superhero party. The little boys will love this! Make Superman, Batman, American Captain, Iron Man lollipops, or as you want.


6. Easy lollipop flower craft

flower paper craft for girls

Easy idea for a cheap paper gift.


7. Flower lollipop rose

flower lollipop paper craft idea for adults

Nice way to creat a special gift from a cheap and simple lollipop.


8. Princess and knight lollipop design

princess and knight lollipop craft idea for kids

Oh, so cute! If you give this gift, to your kid, she can play with them, before she eat the lollipop.


9. Olaf lollipop paper craft


Give someone this lovely olaf lollipop gift! This craft is also good for a Frozen party candy.


+ 1. idea:

Homemade polar bear white chocolate sticks

polar bear lollipop


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