16 Chunky necklace

Making these necklaces we usually use beads. You can wear these chunky necklaces with simple clothes, since they are quite flashy themselves. I tell you at each piece whether it is easy or difficult to make, so can choose easily. You can make necklaces with weaving, crocheting, threading etc.

7 Gimp bracelets

Plastic gets more and more attention in the world. Millions of different things can be done of plastic but we only deal with bracelets now.  These bracelets are made with box stitch technique. They are simple, easy to make but will  fascinate you with their colours. In this article you can learn how practical it is to work with plastic strings. You can make  key rings, zipper charms, necklaces or  bracelets.

Friendship necklaces

Friendship necklaces can be very special. You may make a pair that fit together or you can also create unique ones.

9 Leather bracelets for men

Everybody knows how hard it is to find an appropriate gift for a man. But now we show you some tips with the help of which you can make unique leather bracelets for men easily. On this site we show you multiple methods. Don’t be afraid; neither of them is too difficult. They are easy to make, and they will make a perfect surprise for his birthday, name day, Christmas or Valentine’s Day.

How to make bracelet

Here are several techniques and tutorials for bracelets. Some are made of wire, some of yarns, threads, … these are really elegant bracelets and yet easy to make.

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