1. Box Styled Gimp tutorial

The base of everything: this is the base of these bracelets. You can create your accessories using one colour or several different colours, just as you like!


2. Spiral technique

Here you can learn how to create a spiral bracelet or keychain. For this technique you can also use silk ribbon instead plastic strings.

spiral bracelet


3.Mixed gimp bracelet DIY

Do not forget you can mix the two techniques. You’ll never lose your keys again.


4. Lanyard bracelet tutorial

If you like diversity, then you can learn how to give an extra twist to your bracelets by using chain. This is really not much more complicated than the others before.


5. Box style bracelet – How to make tutorial

This can also be part of your accessories. It is made with the same technique as the previous one but with the use of thinner strings.


6. Cobra Stitch Lanyard Bracelet with Chain

This has been made with macramé technique, but don’t be alarmed it’s really not complicated. The secret of this bracelet is that it is made of several different layers This technique is called Cobra.


7. How to make gimp bracelet – cobra

As we are dealing with colourful plastic strings we need to mention that you can also use silicone rubber rings for this bracelet. It can be a very simple but showy peace of your accessories.


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