1. DIY colorful beaded necklace

This necklace is made of different shaped and style beads. It’s fast to make.

easy necklace


2. How to make beaded chunky necklace

This necklace is crocheted from fishing line, applying a lot of colorful beads. It’s a flexible, light piece of jewelry for ladies.

airy crocheted


3. Brooch necklace – homemade

This is a 2-line necklace decorated with a brooch. You can also make a fitting bracelet.

how to make brooch and bead necklace


4. Easy chunky necklace tutorial

Making this bracelet you have to hang the beads onto a thin wire one by one, using headpins. It’s easy to make, but takes a long time.



5. How to make chain chunky necklace

Here you have to braid several chains with a lace stripe. Then you attach them to the chain with a shoe lace and a little glue. It’s fast to make.

make chunky braid necklace


6. Beautiful chunky necklace – homemade

Making this piece you can use your tangled necklaces that you can’t wear anymore.

vintage necklaces


7. Big chunky necklace – DIY

Making this necklace you have to use the previous method, but here you can learn how to put a bigger ornament on it.

Chain Choker Necklace


8. This one is fast to make: you only have to braid the necklaces together and attach a clasp to their ends.

Chunky Pearl Necklace


9. Brooch + pendant necklace tutorial

Here you have to sew the tiny ornaments (half-pair earring, brooch, pendant etc.) to a fabric of a chosen shape, then knot it with a band. It’s fast to make.

necklace with vintage pins


10. Colour chunky  necklace

You don’t have to do anything else, but braiding the chains with the colored threads, and the necklace is ready!



11.Multiple lined chunky necklace

Here you can learn how to make a multiple-lined chunky necklace. It has a medium difficulty level.

Beaded Statement Necklace


12. Necklace from handle of a bag

This necklace was made from a handle of a bag, and was wrapped around with a strong string. It’s an attractive piece, and it’s easy to make.

how to chunky necklace


13. Pearl necklace tutorial

This piece was made from a pearl necklace, which was painted with a golden spray paint. Waiting for the pearls to dry can take a little while, but after it’s ready the necklace is fast to make.

twisted pearl


14. Homamade elegant chunky necklace

Making this piece you have to thread the beads onto a silk band. It’s better to leave the lines separately to make them able to move freely. It’s easy to make.


15. Bead + chain necklace tutorial

Here you have to thread the different shaped beads onto several chains, thus when it’s ready, it will lay on your neck nicely. Thread the beads using headpins. It has a medium difficulty level.

Ombre Necklace Tutorial


16. Paper bead necklace tutorial

This necklace was made from colored paper. You have to roll the V-shaped paper and attach it to the chain using glue. This piece of accessory is easy to make.

Recycled necklace

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