Blackberry Fruit leather

Summer … blackberry. Try this blacberry fruit leather! It’s very delicious.

fruit leather

Photo: Flickr – Lance McCord CC license

Sea Mirror

Tutorial for kids. Make sea mirror! It makes always summer and beach mood.

sea mirror

Homemade guitar

Make a guitar for your kid and for his/her friends. They could make a music band!

craft guitar

Superhero Capes

Make capes for Superhero birthday party. Boys can play with this all the day.

superhero capes

Popsicle stick puzzle

A very good idea! Puzzle from popsicle sticks. Make and play!

pop sicle puzzle

Kiwi popsicle

If you like kiwi, chocolate and popsicle, this idea is up to you! Kiwi popsicle!

kiwi popsicle

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