DIY Acorn Buddies – with kids

From acorns you can make funny buddies. Paint on it mouth, and put eyes on the face. Don’t forget the caps too.


Autumn craft idea – Fall leaves painting

Collect fall leaves and make a painting! I love the colours of the leaves in autumn.


How to make autumn garland from leaf

This garland will give an autumn mood to your house. So easy to make it!


How to make a real tree

Have you seen that? It’s loke like a living tree, and it’s made of paper bag and leaves. Amazing!


DIY autumn collage frame

Go outside in the nature. Collect leavas, acorn etc. and make a collage frame.


How to make potato pumpkin stamps

You can make stamps made from potatoes! Cut it to pumpkins, paint it with orange and you can use as stamps.


Make leaf crown for kids

The easiest way to use fall leaves. Make a leaf crown!


Wall decoration with leaf

It looks like very very good! It’s my favourite idea made from leaves. So beautiful!


Make walnut people!

If you have walnuts, why don’t you make walnuts people? It’s an imaginative way to do toys from walnuts.


Print banner – autumn art idea

Leaves, leaves and more leaves. In autumn you can’t find a place without leaves. So collect them and use to make a print banner!


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