Bracelet headphones tutorial

Do your own bracelet headphones easily! Choose the colours, and make your own style. See the video–>


DIY mini note book

Do you like cereals? Do you know how can you reuse the boxes like trendy note books? We show it! Let’s see–>


Glitterized phone charger tutorial

Glitterize your phone charger easily with this post. See the steps and have fun with your friends. You can use more colour for one charger. Steps are there–>


Homemade french bulletin board

Let’s see how can you make a practical spectacular board. It will cheers up your room. Do it yourself–>


Reuse an old bag

All you need is an old bag and some candy or chocolate paper to create a new one. Easy to make it for yourself. That’s how it goes–>

old bag

Homemade flower lamp decor

Let’s decorate your lapms or ceilings. The paper flowers ar the prettiest way to create a new look for your room. Decor tips–>

lamp decor

Diy hart wall art

Colorfull and creative way to refresh your room feelings. Lets cut some heart and stick to a string. Enjoy the making–>

wall art

Dinosaurus serving dish

Not just for girls! Do you like the extravagant things? What are you think about this serving dish. Easy way to create and the result will be fantastic! Clik to see the steps–>

serving dish

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