Monogram tutorial

Now we start to create a mug with your monogram. You don’t need anyway a white mug, but it’s important to choose a light colour. Step by step–>


Painting with coffee

Boil the wather and make coffe. Of course you will paint with it so do not drink it! Lets see this technique–>

coffee paint

How to make a crayon art

In this art task we will show you how to really make a crayon art. It’s easy don’t be afraid. Let’ start–>

crayon art

How to do a fashion sketches

Let’s draw some fahion figure for fashion sketches. There is a video of the process. See the video >>

50 draw techniques and tutorials

Do you want to learn drawing as a professional drawer? This page will teach you how does it works. The page is there–>


Acrylic paint techniques

This video show you how can you prepare a classical acrylic paint. There are tips and secrets what will shows you the teacher. Watch the video–>

Draw doodle

Every girl will love this work. The patterns are beautiful and the idea is fantastic. It shows you that you just have to draw circles and flowers, leaves and have to decorate them by your imagine. Lets see the picture–>


Photo: Flickr – Marlana Shipley CC license

Paper mosaic tutorial

You can reuse the old not important paper pieces in this theme. Cut them and stick them. See how the mosaic works–>

paper mosaic

Egg shell mosaic technique tutorial

After all you can reuse the egg shells. You need to collect some, paint them and stick them with this special process. See the special process–>

shell mosaic

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