DIY plastic bottle medusas

This is a very easy craft and good toy for little children. You have to use only a plastic bottle to make it.


Home made piggy bank

I love this idea! This piggy bank is made of plastic bottle. Really!

piggy bank recycle

How to make paper mache

If you recycling paper, you can make paper mache. You can make a lot’s of crafts made from it. Use egg cartons and newspaper to make paper mache.


Here is a tutorial how to make paper mache:

Paper mache crafts

You can see here 10 paper mache figure ideas. Watch and do them:

animal craft paper mache

 Cardboard castle for kids

This castle is made of kitchen paper roll and cardboard. If you paint it, it will seems like a real castle.


Pencil holder – recycled toilet roll

Using toilet roll and egg carton you can make a pencil holder. It can be an animal.

tube carton pencil holder

DIY Milk carton bird feeder

Sure you have at home milk. If the milk carton is empty don’t throw it out. Make this cute bird feeder.

bird feeder milk carton diy

Whatch the video here:

Make drums made from recycled cans

If you use cans and balloons you can make little drums for kids. See how sound is made!

sound recycle make drum

How to make little spiders – egg carton

Do you like these little spiders? I think they are very cute! They are made of egg carton.


Cute penguins – recycle plastic bottle

How cute are these penguins! If you like them make them at home!

penguin recycle

Homemade galactic mask – made from milk bottle

If you like Star Wars make galactic mask using milk bottle! It’s a good fun.

mask recycle galactic

More recycling ideas in 101 Craft ideas:

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hot air balloon

10 popsicle stick crafts


8 bottle cap craft

bottle cap

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