Make your own lava lamp

Imagine that you can make homemade lava lamp. If you like it, make this science experiment.

lawa lamp experiment

How to make candy

Are curious how can you make your own candy? See the tutorial and you can do it!

candy how to make

Experiment: Marbled milk paper

Let’s make marbled paints! The tutorial will show you the technique.

milk paper marbled experiment

How to inflate a balloon with a plastic bottle? – experiment

Using vinegar and bicarb or baking soda you can inflate a balloon with a plastic bottle! Try it!

luft balloon vinegar experiment

DIY Silly Putty – for girls

Make your own silly putty! It’s a very special science craft for girls.

silly putty

Homemade crystal geodes

Wow! Homemade crystal geodes in eggs. It’s a very interisting experiment and science craft for kids.


Bouncy egg experiment

Did you know that an egg can be a bouncy egg? If you don’t belive it, follow the tutorial’s instructions and make one!

bouncy egg

Dancing OObleck

Come on and to it at home! But first watch the video how to do it.

How to make liquid rainbow

Rainbow! I like this experiment so much. You can make a rainbow in a jar.

rainbow expeiment

Make the biggest bubble!

If you like to blowing bubbles, it’s time to make a new record. Blow the biggest bubble ever!

big bubble

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