DIY ladybug antenna

For carneval or birtsday party it’s a pretty way to create a new external. Lets do it together–>


Ladybug craft tutorial

Let’s spend some time with the children and make some ladybugs. It’s easy for mom and girls or boys. Have fun there–>


Ladybug party hat tutorial

For birtsday parties it’ important to hve some supries for all guest. Let’s make together a ladybug hat! Tutorial is there–>


Bug’s jar tutorial

Recycle old glasses and make your own bug’s jar! Easy and funny way to collect bug’s. See the process–>

Bugs jar

Home made ladybug sun visors

There are colourfull sunvisors for the small one’s. Choose your favourite colour and make the ladybug sun visors.


How to make a ladybug keychain

First of all it’s easy and very short of time. All you needs are pearls, felt and keychain ring.


Footprinted ladybug

From 3 years old childrens will love these plays. They can print themselfs and step onto a paper.


 Easy ladybug cookies decor tutorial

Mothers! Does your kids like the ladybugs? If the answer is yes let’s bake some ladybug cookies for them!


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