M&M’s race

The point is that, you have to pick up the m&m’s candys with a straw from the plate full of candys and put them to the empty plate within 1 minute.

m&m's race

photo: givetoiowa CC licence

Speed Easer

You have to jump a pencil into a glass with the eraser end of the pencil. You have to repeat this with seven glasses within 1 minute.

speed eraser

photo: UI Foundation CC licence


First you have a thick line. 2.5 m from the line you have to place 2x4 bottle full with water. Then the competitor have to pull a tight on his head. There is a tennis ball in one leg of the tights. The competitor have to topple all of the bottles with the ball within 1 minute. But the competitor musn’t step on the line, and musn’t touch the bottles and the tight with his/her hand.


photo: Escondido Public Library CC licence

Oh Nuts!

You have to build a tower from 8 nuts (screws) with a chopstick. The tower has to stand min. 3 sec. First you have to pick up a nut with the chopstick and then you have to build up the tower. You musn’t touch the screws. If the tower knocked down, you lose!

oh nuts

photo:  Lazy_Artist CC license

Caddy Stack

You have to build a tower from 3 golf balls. It have to standing min. 3 sec. You have 1 minute to do it!

caddy stack

photo: oinomra CC license

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